Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Actions speak louder than words

Once I was walking down the road
On a dark and foggy night
When there was hardly any light

I called out “Hey, mister, What’s your name?”
At first there was no reply
Perhaps he was a little shy

I called out yet again
But it was all in vain
I was about to give up when it suddenly began to rain
And as we ran helter, skelter
To find ourselves shelter
He opened his umbrella
Willing to share
And then I realized that my friend of few words
Really did care

And as we huddle together, cold and numb
I realized that my friend couldn’t speak
Because he was deaf and dumb

And then a sudden thought flashed through my mind
Do we really need words to be kind?
What words couldn’t do, his actions had done
For life long in me
A friend he had won!


batulo said...

Asalamu aleikum. subhanallah what a beautifull poem. Thats right. I will keep it in mind. JZk khair.

Jalap. said...

Hi, this is a poem written by me at a very young age. Have the courtesy to atleast quote a source or name the author.


عبدالله الشعيبي said...

that's really beautiful poem

thank you so much