Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do You...

by Junayd Makda

Do you hear the cry of a broken heart
Someone who's life has been torn apart
Adying child, in pain calling out
Hoping his voice to be heard far out

Do you not picture blood being shed
No doubt more merciless then read or said
Do you not feel for the lonely mother?
An orphan for whom no one will bother

Do you not know what the reason is?
Islam at rise-thats what it is!
As the world joins forces against Islam
Show the Muslims help-by leaving Islam?

Should they adapt their styles and follow their ways
And turn their back on the Prophetic ways?
Continue to follow their desires' call
And not give a bother to the enemy's call

The time has come for Muslims to awake
Understand what is really at stake
There's only one way for us to come back
And this is no doubt the best way to attack

Soul search and look deep within
Ensure you leave each and every sin
Show the world the beauty held in Islam
Attract them towards the sweetness of Iman

This is the day when Islam will regain
The respect it once deservingly attained.


Anonymous said...

Mashallah Good Poem!
Thank You for Sharing it wid us!

Curaezipirid said...

Salamualaykum poets

I found a link to your weblog at myislamweb

I am often writing poems in my Islam and post them in a number of weblogs as needed.

Thanks for the feedblitz link so I can remember to turn back into your site at times.

When you want to look, my weblogs are all linked to this one: http://dreaminghaadjmosdancetime.blogspot.com

Ramadan Mubarak

punahilkka said...

Masha Allah, this was a really beautiful poem and it's sayings are so true.

Junaid said...

mashallah great poem!! i luv this site