Friday, May 04, 2012

The Prophet of Islam

Unequalled in brilliance, unique of kind,
Art thou, O Great Prophet! to all mankind,
Never on earth a nobler soul has trod,
Never had another showed a true way to God,
Never on earth a better soul was born,
Never the world did a purer soul adorn.

Man was fast sinkin in idolatry and sin,
When thou thy great mission did first begin.
From the arabian deserts thou taught mankind,
How the truest knowledge of God to find,
Then in place of darkness thou light did give,
And taught mankind the noblest way to live.

A more perfect Prophet never can we find,
Than thee who, thank God, gave Islam to mankind,
My life, my all, for thee I gladly give,
Thy divine messages shall with me for ever live,
My love for thee no bounds doth know,
In my heart thy mem'ry shall forever glow,
May Allah shower His choicest blessings on thee,
May Allah grant thee peace for all eternity

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Alfiya said...

Ameen! Mashallah, beautiful