Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Young Muslim

im gonna tell you a tale,
about a young muslim male,
hes a prisoner n hes stuck in a jail,
this world is a prison so hes really on bail,
hes knows its a test he dont wanna fail,
he thinks about his deeds getting put on that scale,
hes so worried its makin him pale,
right to the very tip of his finger nail,
he tryin to stay on the straight dont wanna derail,
sooner or later he'll return to his Lord,
he realises this aint his final abode,
everyday he goes through a phase,
where he reminds himself to lower his gaze,
hes battling against the evil of his soul,
like as if hes juggling with hot charcoal,
tryin 2 control his desires,
cus he dont wanna be in those fires,
full of hypocrites and liars,

you can read his life like a book,
so even if you even took,
the time to have a look,
turning another page,
his life is goin through another stage,
one minute hes happy the next hes in rage,
chapter to chapter,
goin from tears to laughter
only thing hes after,
is a better hereafter,
on this earth,
where he was given birth,
hes looking around thinking this its a illusion,
listening to everything thinking its a delusion,
tryin to clear his mind of this materialistic pollution,
slowly but surely,
his friends are calling him holy,
they seein a change,
cus he following the sunnah to them its strange,
hes the same person with the same heart and intent,
he jus realises its time to repent,
before its too late.
he trys to prostrate,
and ask for forgiveness when he supplicates,

tryin to stay true and sincere,
to the one that everyone should fear,
deep down from the bottom of his heart,
right from the very start,
he knew one day he will depart,
his death he will meet,
he'll be wrapped around 2 white sheet,
in his grave he doesnt wanna get beat,
with that sorching heat,
so hes hoping the angels come with glad tidings when they greet,
saying oh peace be with you,
a real struggle you've been through,
u finally made it in one piece,
dont worry now you got eternity full of peace.

Author Unknown

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