Saturday, October 05, 2013

All That Glitters is not Gold

All that glitters is not gold
So many times I had been told
Yet I ignored this simple advice
And fell in love with my demise

Glittering bright you enraptured me
The rest I could and would not see
Gilded gold were truly you
All fake and not true

An embodiment of my dreams
In every aspect to me it seemed
A treasure to hold close to my heart
Which one day you would tear apart

But like all lies yours didn’t last
The truth revealed- cruel and fast
And then I realised to what I was blind
An ore of impurities yet to be refined
Lacking the value of true gold
For an expensive price you had been sold

Money cannot value my loss
For my very soul you had cost
But a valuable lesson I was taught
Gold should never ever be sought

For all that glitters is not gold
I learnt once my heart was sold.


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