Wednesday, November 06, 2013

You Are All that is True

When wrong appears right
When it is only what you want it to be
The truth will never be a square peg in a round hole
It will never fit
No matter how hard you push it
No matter how hard you want it

So beautiful yet so hard
When channelled you lead to a ocean of happiness
But when my weakness lets my evil nafs take over
You take me to the sewer of my wants

Praise be to You
Oh Master of Masters
It’s through hardship
You made me realise what I had
It’s only through pain I return to You

I thought I knew it but You taught me
You taught me that I knew nothing

This world is not for me
Don’t ever make this world enough for me
Never let this head raise to look at another’s plate
Never let this man envy
Never let him look at another’s possessions and desire
Never let him be anything less than content.
Make the dua of Your beloved my dua and never leave me to myself for even the blink of an eye.
The blink of an eye.

Cars rust, clothes tear,
Money gets spent and looks wither away
All that will be remembered is sincerity
Sincerity for You

They care not what is lawful and what is not
Chewing on Riba, licking their fingers after
Chasing shadows as if the pleasure of this life are eternal
Their longing to be remembered is laughable
As if when they are gone their nearest won’t move on
As if from the sky they are not ants

If they bid for my contentment tell them I won’t sell
If they offer their wealth tell them to wash their souls and barter with that instead

All I get is one chance
Just one chance
Why would I spend that dreaming?

They lie
They go back on their word
They slip up
In the end You are all that is true

You were all that was ever true…

Author unknown

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Faraash said...

MashaAllah this is so beautiful