Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Good Death

by Ahmed

My time has come quickly so
I thought I had ages left to go

My Lord constantly on my mind
My heart praising the Divine

Punctually 5 times salah I would pray
Reciting Quran I always started my day

The daily duas devotedly memorised
Each opportunity they were utilised

Showing kindness to all those I met
Prophet Muhammads (pbuh) teachings I did not forget

In this way my Imaan became strong
So Allah would save me from doing wrong

And when I did do any bad deed
I would repent sincerely with great speed

Asking Allah for a clean sheet
The Masjid my frequent retreat

Listening to the Shaykhs true advice
I acted on it without even blinking twice

Death will come to me like a nice breeze
The angels take my soul with ease

May Allah give all the Muslimeen death upon Imaan


Aisha Mukhtar said...

Salam, Ameen brother thanks for that inspiring piece. JAZAKALLAH BIKHAIR

sa'adhiya said...

ma sha allah............wonderfull poem...may allah d almighty...giv us oll d thowfeeq to die a good death with d kalima being d last words....aaaaameen

Anonymous said...

this blog is good one...
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