Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Love Eid

It is Eid today! It is Eid today!
I can see the tiny new moon
Up there, in the heavenly sky,
Surrounded by beautiful twinkling stars!
Heralding the happy coming of Eid,
It is Eid today!
Thank you, Almighty Allah!
For giving us so much happiness,
For the moon and the stars
And everything we have,
The glad tidings of the season
That reminds us of your Greatness,
The acts of purification we undergo
To show you our loyalty,
The prayers we say
To seek from you Blessings
On this occasion of Eid,
Which brings so much joy.
It is Eid Today!


Anonymous said...

ما شاء الله

Anonymous said...

this poem is fantastic

Anonymous said...

wow this poem is amazing mashillah mashillah islam is the n umber one religion!!!!!!!happy eid to all

MOMO said...

hey!ur saite amazin !spacaily eidspom !iliked man!