Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

When truth was lost and hearts frozen
from You, Allah came a Prophet, chosen.
Blessed Prophet Muhammad, obedient to You
taught us the things we ought to do.

He taught us for certain that You are One
and that You have neither a daughter nor son.
He taught us to be good to our mother and father
and that Paradise lies under the feet of our mother.

I love you my Prophet and sing your praise
and follow your Sunna, Prophetic Ways.
One day I will come to visit your tomb
Insh'Allah, that day will be very soon.


shree said... beautiful God gave us His messenger to show us the true path.thanks for these poems.they brought tears in my eyes.

jasmine said...

its beautiful, did u write it?, and u know i saw this poem the excat words and it says it make my a little girl in school but i dont remember which website i seen it in.