Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When a person fears Allah...

When a person fears Allah...
Author unknown

When a person fears Allah you can tell
How many times a day do you ponder over Hell?
And whether you enter it and stay
Or whether you’ll be released after you pay

You can see it in his face and in his eyes
In what he will cling to and what he will despise
In what is the center of his attraction
In how he defines the word satisfaction

In how he stops to think before an action
In how he hates spiritual distraction
In how restless is his relaxation
In how remembrance of Allah is his favorite vacation

In how cautious is his enjoyment
In how particular he is about his employment
In the direction in which he casts his glances
In how when it comes to his soul he doesn’t take chances

In the secretive way he shares his money
In faith he finds a taste much sweeter than honey
In his poverty to Allah he has found Richness in His Pleasure
In his emptying his heart in repentance he has found forgiveness beyond measure

In his isolation with his Lord he feels overwhelmed with the company of blessings
In his hatred of ignorance and fearing a return to a life of transgressing
In how taqwa is his leader, not his desires
In how clear and lofty are the goals for which he aspires

In how he tames his stomach and incarcerates his tongue
In how readily he submits to the truth when it’s brung
In how he smiles at the believers and frowns at his sins
In how smooth and loving he is with his wife knowing that gentleness always wins

In how he ponders over the creation of his Lord increasing in insight and joy!
Fortifying his faith with tawheed knowing what shirk can destroy
By Allah I love this person and love to watch and count his ways
By Allah I miss this person who seems so rare these days!

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