Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Prophet's Mosque

The Prophet's Mosque
With lightness of foot the gentle camel came
fearing to jolt the Prophet holding its rein.

With grace it had moved over the hot dessert sand
obeying the touch of its kind master's hand.

A cloud had shadowed them all along the way
and shielded them from the fierce sun's rays.

As they reached Medina children raced to his side
and the Prophet dismounted, patting his ride.

"Where shall we build the Mosque," in haste they enquired
as the Prophet released his camel that was happy yet tired.

"Be patient," he said "In a moment you will see
where the camel takes its rest that's the place it will be."

As the camel sat down in a very blessed place
happiness spread over everyone's face

they knew where they must build at last
and brought wood and palms very fast.

A fine, yet humble Mosque stood upon the site
and the Prophet worshiped there day and night.

He thanked Allah for the safety of his ride,
for the camel that had carried him and those by his side

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