Thursday, January 26, 2006

What Is The Image The Youth Is Following Today?

What is the image, the youth follow today?
Who without a shadow of doubt have truly gone astray,
Gold chains and rings is the new trend they adorn,
Changing cloths like the weather before they are torn.

The fastest of cars they want to drive,
Into the world of the gangster they all want to dive.
Little do they know, what for them is in store,
But any other way of life for them now seems a bore.

With the smoking of a spliff, they seem to begin,
And not before long, they refuse to call it a sin.
Then they are tempted by crack and cocaine,
These are the drugs that drive people insane.

Those who are dealers will see the young blood,
It will convince them, to sell to the boys in the hood.
Soon he will see how quick money will be made,
To harden himself he begins to carry a blade.

Not before long he’s driving a flash car,
Thinking to himself, that his gonna get very far.
Slowly but surely up that ladder he will climb,
Risking it all for the dollar and dime.

Now that he’s big he walks around strapped,
In a web of destruction, he is now trapped,
Life will now take him one of three ways,
If he thinks he’s too big he will get blazed.

Or even end up on the run with nowhere to hide,
And when the law catches up he’ll end up inside.
Or so addicted he becomes on the crack and cocaine,
That these things alone will drive him insane.

So the life of a gangster aint all that it seems,
Let that kind of life just remain in your dreams.
You Wanna Be A Gangster ? Think Again!!!!


imah said...

an interesting read :)

Ahmed said...

Mashallah, an eye opening poem.
Jazakallah for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

really good poems.