Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Valentines in Islam

Valentines in Islam...
a Note from Satan
by Ahmed

The day has come
When I, Satan, will play you dumb

To approach 'The girl/ boy' is hard
so today break the ice with a card

You will send it to them with zeal
finally they will know how you feel

Oh Muslim dont you see
I watch you with glee

For now I have you trapped
Your heart once inclined towards Allah, I have snatched

I have now started you off on the slippery road
To Jahannam the dreadful abode.

Enjoy your Valentines day!
From Satan


ibnu ismail said...

very nice poem masyaALlah..keep it up..
can I put this poem in my blog??

p/s ive linked this blog to mine

Anonymous said...

Indeed my fellow brother it is a sin to indulge in such atrocisous and disrespectful celebrations which concieve ignorance and damnation--I am proud of your stance and we shall remain seperate from such pagan and lustful holidays which give great to the greatest advasary of man
Satan--in his natural form-the pale devils of lies and destruction.

maryam said...

mashall keep up ur good work indeed the muslim youth need

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot brother.perfect writing.just to add on.from satan"now that men and women of faith will be influenced by the majority,they will sin in a large number without knowing."

Anonymous said...

Keep it my Muslims you will be rewarded god willing.

UH said...

Jazakallah for putting the deception of valentine's day into words. May Allah help all the Muslims stay away from the shaytaan, n also help us fight our Nafs when it is tempted by the world. Ameen!

Anonymous said...

What are we doing to avoid this dinstruction?

Mechanic's special said...

Brother ur poem is so nice ma sha ALLAH . May ALLAH blessed u . Hope u don't mind if I share it on Instagram account :)

Ahmed said...

Salams Br Mechhanic,
Please go ahead and post on Instagram, can you also tag me in the photo haqislam06 is my ID?