Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentines day

Valentines Day

It’s coming soon
And I don’t know what to do
How many cards to buy and send
To the good looking people
It’s quite funny
they never ever send me any?

Every year it’s the same
Being asked the question
How many did u get?
I lie
and say I got over twenty
Sent most of them to myself

Not into religion much
Aint got time and I am too busy
more time for that stuff when I’m older
but every Valentine ’s Day
I buy and send cards
Didn’t realise that I was a practicing pagan
Worshipping Satan
Instead of my religion Islam

I go with the flow
And the flow goes westwards
Live life based on desires
No fear for the hell fire
Religion is just a joke
In this modern age of technology

Desires satisfied
But always more to do
Humans are pretty
When u get one
The one u don’t have seems desirable
Always the opportunity cost
And sometimes u feels lost
And spoilt for choice

Who shall I date?
And have as my mate
Coz Feb fourteen only comes once a year
Full of fear
As I ask out a nice girly
Is she taken or playing hard to get
Get my wallet out
and she’s mine without a doubt

Cash always works
And the promise of a good time
Better than the last one she was with
Hope she’s not too experienced
With a good memory
Hate comparisons
But that’s just the way it goes

In this day and age
Changing partners every few months
It’s all the rage
Me and her both

Also being careful
Not to be caught by the family
It’s the arranged marriage route
for her and maybe for me
Honour and all that
But we both lost ours years ago

I like women’s equality
Any excuse to go all the way
Hope she don’t get pregnant
Or pass me any diseases
Asian girls are cleaner
Compared to the others
So I don’t bother with protection

Feb fourteen
Is all about following St Valentine
Dating and mating
Not debating
Serious issues
As I pursue my prey
All the way
And practice being a pagan
For just one day

Even if it means
Catching diseases
Loss of honour and respect
And being caught by the family

Author: Showkotali

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nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As-salaam alaikum.

I've been wondering about Saint Valentine's day. There are lots of ahadith to not celebrate it, but allahu alam.

nuh ibn