Thursday, March 09, 2006


As I rise each day
Al-Hamdulillah I say
As I put on my dress
Al-Hamdulillah I express

As I fill my empty plate
Al-Hamdulillah I state
As I make ready to strive
Al-Hamdulillah for another day alive

As I hear the birds sing
Al-Hamdulillah for the melody they bring
As I watch the sun rise
Al-Hamdulillah for my eyes

As I wash in the stream
Al-Hamdulillah I am clean
As I pray my Salat
Al-Hamdulillah for the best start

As I share my gifts with neighbours
Al-Hamdulillah for Allah's favours
As I delight with my family
Al-Hamdulillah for their care for me

As I pray for forgiveness
Al-Hamdulillah for deliverance
As I open the Qur'an
Al-Hamdulillah for my Iman

As I understand and take heed
Al-Hamdulillah, Al-Hamdulillah
For all the good I receive.

Ayesha Bint Mahmood


Anonymous said...

Tayyib! Masha`Allah this one is a keeper! Insha`Allah keep them coming~

Afeni, Philadelphia, PA

IeNa said...


masya Allah brother, keep wrting, for the sake of Islam.

May Allah bless you, insya Allah :)

Anonymous said...