Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In your mates car

In your mates car
by Ahmed

In your mates car
Thoughts from Islam so far

Listening to the stereo, loud tune
Behaving like a silly baboon

Eyeing the girls as you go by
Practising Muslims despise you, my oh my

You pull over to a girl and use your line
'Baby, baby, come be mine'

Ignorant that you have invited her to sin
The slippery road for you does begin

For what seems like fun
Simply means Satan has won

Ensnared into a world of wrong by the devil
Girls, Alcohol, drugs is this your aspired level?

Satan has lured you away
From Allah and the Prophets (pbuh) way

But hey whilst you are alive there is still time
To turn to & worship Allah, even in your prime

Turn away from this, quit behaving like slime
Repent to Allah, the Forgiving, Most Sublime.

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