Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smoke Break

Smoke Break
Author unknown

"I really need a cigarette" she muses
As she steps outside her door
Searching with nimble fingers
For the cigarette that she craves for

"Its not that im addicted...much" she justifies
As she lights that little stick
The stick thats only leaves and paper
that gives her that special kick

"Its just what i really needed" she thinks
As she enjoys that first inhale
Why is this smoke so sexy
Now her coffin has a premature first nail?

"I'll give up one day" she promises
As once again she drags
Her cheeks cave in...ahh nicotine
The drug that always nags

"I love it when you smoke" I comment
As i arrive on the smoky scene.
Why is smoking so sexy?
So sexy yet so unclean?

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