Thursday, April 10, 2008


by Taysseer Kadri

I always wonder; is it ever worth it?
To try and strive to be ever so perfect?

Who determines what perfect is and what isn't?
Who truly is so happy and lives so pleasant?

Who has never cheated, lied, hurt or has been hurt
Yet still is sweet and kind, and knows what a soul is worth?

Which mortal has lived heaven on earth?
Who can live and say, I will never die from the day of birth?

That sounds too good to be perfect.
Let me help define how a human is perfect.

Perfect is being able to forgive and forget,
To be able to realize your mistakes and repent,

To realize our bad, and promise to never do it again,
But then again, we're only humans in the end.


Anonymous said...

subhanallah! wat a beautiful peom

Anonymous said...

As salam 'aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. I just wanted to make the connection and ask that you remember us in your prayers.



NasheedTube - Islamic Nasheeds said...

Wow, brother nice poems, May Allah bless you, i really like it,

Thanks again, May Allah reward you for that,

Thnx again

shumail said...

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Anonymous said...

your poes is so nice
you are right in every word in this poem
you should right more, you are very good at it. i am sooo suprides to see this......
woooooooow :)

Ramada said...

Mashallah well defined