Monday, July 21, 2008

The Great Physician

Welcome to the Great Physician's
Office hours are as you come,
He's a specialist in all problems
And His day is never done.

He can heal a heart that's broken
He can mend the spirit too,
No matter what your ailment
He does have the cure for you.

His fee for service never alters
He serves rich and poor as well,
He's our one chance for salvation
He alone saves us from Hell.

There's no fee for services rendered
All He asks is we believe.
and do as He has commanded us
And His blessings we will receive.

Do you have a special problem
That is troubling you this hour?
Then just simply turn to Him
You can find no greater power.

Don't delay in seeking treatment
Please my friend don't hesitate,
For His office is soon closing
And He'll shut and lock the gate.

I wouldn't want for you to suffer
While the doctor's so close by,
Your whole life will be much better
If the physician you will try.

Author Unknown

Allah Almighty, اَلْسَّلاَمُ
He is the One who saves the believing servants from all dangers, bringing them peace, blessings and security of paradise.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our transgressions and help us become better muslims & better human beings.

Eid Mubarak :-)

abdullai adams said...

asalam alaikum .may ALLAH accept your endeavours.

ummefaatima said...

AWWB. Beautiful poems, Alhamdulillah! Can I contribute some of my own poetry??

Ahmed said...

Sure sister Umme Faatima, please go ahead and leave your contribution as a comment here and Insha'Allah I will review and post up in due course.


Way Of Life said...

Ass. wr.wb
The beautiful poetry and full of meaning, I really like. Have a nice day.
Wassalam wr.wb

Ali said...

Great blog, where have you gone. No posts since long

Ayman Elhakim said...

That's amazing poetry, I m starting my blog too, i write poetry too, little philosophical, hope you can visit my blog and tell me your opinion :) thanx

my blog is

Husein Abubakari Samori said...

nice poem, mansha ALLAH. `VERY DEEP

N!nJ4 pW1nCe$5 said...

wow!!! i luv dis its soo bum