Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Da Firez Burnt Out

Da firez burnt out
da hope diminished
Rappin my story
feelin like life's finished

2 long been caught up in dis web of lies
2 long stayed awake n wanted 2 cry
deep down no one knows whats real n whats not
dey playing with feelings like we a robot

Nah dis aint da "Eshal" i knew

da 1 who looks blank n aint got a clue
Knife shining, blud dripping
pulling da veins, heart ripping

nuff sed, nuff dun, nuff seen
i aint a ‘u can use me’ machine
heart going crazy but gonna control it
yeh i admit ur the one who stole it

but my Lord got some1 better in mind for me
n i'm gonna trust Him with all i own
only dis way i'm gonna get close to my Lord
and get a place near His Throne