Thursday, February 28, 2013

His Story

By: Paper_Hearts

He stumbles upon his home front door
Falling, barely able to keep his feet on the floor
Everything seems bright, there’s way too much noise
And his ears are still ringing from the laughter of the boys

He sees his mom approach and turns away with a groan
Ashamed of his appearance, he can only moan
She stares at him with tired, swollen eyes
Bracing herself for another set of his lies

She begins to question him and it never ends
Says the people he hangs out with are not true friends
Exhausted and angry, he starts to scream
Stating she’s ignorant; things aren’t as they seem

After cursing and roughly shoving her away
He storms towards his room and spots his dad on the way
Sitting alone with a sad disappointed look
And he thinks about how much happiness he has took

When he reaches his room he takes a deep breath
He’s never thought of his parents… never thought of death
Never considered all the pain he had caused through the years
Never thought because of him the people he loved were in tears

Inside of his room once he was alone in the dark
He hand reached out, touched a book, and a spark
Of longing and peacefulness spread through him
So perfectly fit, like an old lost limb

And with tears gathering in his eyes
He opens the book, and there the answer lies
Of true joy, so pure, he can only imagine
And he read more, his heart glowing with passion

Behold! In the Quran, you will find it all
With the book the God you will never fall
Read, and believe, each blessed word
For nothing in there is fake or absurd

And so, he promised himself from that day on
To always fear Allah, thul jalaali wal ikram.

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