Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Chilling

Time is passing
But life I’m living
Drug taking
Getting high
Escaping reality
But loving the feeling
Brain cells killing
But definitely chilling

Women chasing
Clubbing and dancing
Someone else’s woman touching
Swearing and fighting
Escaping and running
Yeah I’m just chilling

My women texting
Loving and romancing
Expressing love and playing
Using and hurting
It’s a game that I’m playing

Flirting and falling in love
Daydreaming and grieving
And moving on
To the next gal

Jummah missing
Too cool and busy for praying
Time for that when I’m retiring
Parents advise ignoring
What do they know about fun and chilling?

Joyriding and accelerating
Music blasting
Friends dying
Crying and janazah praying
Life is passing
But I’m just chilling

Drifting and sleeping
Going with the flow
Signs of Allah ignoring
My purpose in life denying
Yes I’m sleepwalking
Like a zombie

Slowly realising
Incidents connecting
It’s Allah that’s controlling
Ya! Allah please guide me
From destruction and eternal punishment

by Showkat

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