Sunday, July 21, 2013

Controlling the Gaze

A poet has pertinently described the evil of letting loose and not controlling ones gaze, and it aptly applies to watching TV and movies:

كل الحوادث مبداها من النظر ... ومعظم النار من مستصغر الشرر

والمرء ما دام ذا عين يقلبها ... في أعين العين موقوف على الخطر

كم نظرة فعلت في قلب فاعلها ... فعل السهام بلا قوس ولا وتر

يسر ناظره ما ضر خاطره ... لا مرحباً بسرور عاد بالضرر


All evil occurrences begin with ones glance,

And most fires are caught by (negligence of) those who deem sparks insignificant.

A man remains in danger as long as his eyes scrutinize the eyes of (beautiful) women with large (gorgeous) eyes,

How many a glance has done to the heart the same as what an arrow would do -- without any bow or string.

The one glancing is pleased with what harms his inner self.

No thanks to pleasure that brings harm.

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