Sunday, July 28, 2013

Like the Strong Wind

It blew like the strong wind;
It burst like a bright flame;
It became like a youth in its determination;
It flew like a hawk, with pride;
Welcome, my caravan; My caravan of wisdom;

O generation of the future, let’s go;
Let’s exert ourselves and work hard;
Let’s always rise to the top;
And never accept to be less than the best;

My friends, let’s go about;
And learn different fields of knowledge;
Let’s excel in five or six;
And help a brother or sister;
Leave your laziness and slumber;
The lazy person has never succeeded;
And stop criticizing and blaming;
As Allah is the Helper of people;

Revive the glory of this Ummah;
When it was at its peak;
And brush this dark cloud away from it;
With your high aspirations…

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