Sunday, September 01, 2013

Moderate Muslim

I am a moderate Muslim
I don’t pray 5 times a day
Only jummah is enough for me
I don’t fast the full thirty
Five is how many I do

Yes I drink
But only in moderation
I don’t get drunk or puke up in the loo
Yes I am a moderate Muslim

I check out the fit women
But only one at a time
I don’t sleep with them
Coz that’s extreme
I only date them, hug them, hold hands and kiss them.
Coz everything in moderation right?

I take drugs
But only class C ones
Avoid the hard ones
Coz only the fanatics do that

A moderate Muslim is the label I have given myself
Coz I can’t leave Islam
Coz it’s the truth
Can’t be an atheist or secular humanist

So I reconcile my Islam
To please the westerners
By compromising
And trying oh so very hard to fit in

My name is Muhammed
But to all and sundry I am Mo
During lunch and after work
Off to the pub I go
A few bevies
Nothing to heavy
Every weekday
Except for Fridays
Coz that’s a holy day

Despite all my compromises of my Islam
I cannot find any peace of mind or satisfaction in my heart
I feel guilty and ashamed
Feelings of nausea and self hate

My mind is in conflict and I find myself asking a question
Maybe to this you can relate
The question is

If you’re convinced of Islam then why follow it in moderation?
Should you not follow it completely and fundamentally?
Despite what the non-Muslims think or say
Coz who are they to tell us how we should follow the truth
When they are lost and following the misguidance.
Author Unknown

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