Friday, September 20, 2013

Muslim Women

This goes out to every single one of my queens
For all the sisters taking shahadah and my hijabis

Mothers raising sons and daughters, y'all get much love from m
From the heart of Mecca to the street of new York city

Global ambassadors of Islam
Y'all are the reason we're a world wide phenomenon

the reason a billion people read the Quran
I can't express your worth in just one song

Word in my bond, hijabis all over the world
Easy, breezey, beautiful covered girls

Deserving of all the worlds diamonds and pearls
Better yet, Jannah is what y'all really deserve

Inshallah, all praise is due to Allah
Cause We're all His slaves in this dunya

Only He can see into the future
He commanded the pen to write everything from beginning to end

Walk out covering your head He knows your intent
He hears when you repent, Deen of Allah is what you all represent

The epitome of modesty, cleanliness and honesty
These days are rare commodities

And Islam is the only deen that teaches real equality
So dont let life get you down, you were meant to astound

keep your head above water, and both feet above ground
Enjoy the day, and the times that you pray

Worship Allah and find yourself in a better place
Inshallah, because your all beautiful

Guard your beauty, and give it to a man that's suitable
In the end, we're all created human

But your all a step above the rest, there is no disputing

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