Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eid ul Fitr

By Obaid Ahmed, 8 years

Now that we fasted and did extra good deeds,
We celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the two Eids!

Allah prescribed two Eids and forbid all other festivals,
He told us to worship Him and try to get the medals!

Ramadan is a special training for a Muslim,
Practice Islam even when its light appears to be dim.

Continue doing good deeds, just as in Ramadan
And give Sadaqa-e-Fitr, for every child, woman and man

We go to the Eid-gah and say the Takbir,
On Eid day, our best clothes we do wear!

We listen to the Eid khutbah,
And don’t leave until we pray the Eid salah!

We go to the Eid prayer in any type of weather,
And give presents to each other!

We say Eid Mubarak,
And wish each other good luck!

We celebrate festival of Eid
By thanking Allah for granting us our needs!


Anonymous said...

nice poem, i relly like it, it's very umm.... touching....
i hope you send in more to show the world how talented you are,
maybe even send it to all your family and friends since eid is coming up very shortly....
anyways just wanted love your poem... and yeah i'm showing it to all my friends, don't worry i won't take the credit, i'll leave your name on there in bold fancy writing,(L0L)
anyways have a happy Eid everyone!

Kelly said...

I like this Poem a lot! I really enjoyed reading it....I want to show it to my aunt. I love to write poems. Well Eid has passed, and I really enjoyed it.I wrote a poem myself about ramadan.

saqif said...

Your poem was brilliant. I really did love it, truly you did not write it! No seriously, an 8 year old boy writing such good stuff? You are very talented (like me hehe)and I an only 9 years. All the best. Saqif

Anonymous said...

this poem is very touching i am going to show to my high school teacher in my essay about Eid Al- Fitr and Ramadan.