Saturday, October 08, 2005


In the holy month of Ramadhan, We all must fast

Ramadhan you’ve come again at last.
Just before Fajr we have our sehri

Just after magrib we have our iftari

In daytime from food and water we abstain

Oh, Allah! reward we wish to gain
At night we stand and tarawih we pray

Dua we make, sunnah we obey

Patience we try and exercise

Our lowly nafs we attempt to demise
We wish to acquire Taqwa

So at night Tahajjud it is on the Musalla

We read our prayers and the Qu'ran

We ask for forgiveness as much as we can
From evilness and sin, our souls have been freed,

Ramadhan finishes and we celebrate Eid

I hope now we do not turn back to sin

Ramadhan, let us keep after you the blessings that have been.

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