Monday, April 08, 2013

In Our Midst

By Safiya

What is it to seek those eyes,
When thy gaze has never been held?

What is it to pine for that love,
When such love as thy love has never been shared?

What is it to silence all and search for that word,
When thy voice has never been heard?

What is it to search for that hand,
When thy touch has never been felt?

What is it to delve in day-long musings, questioning oneself,
When just an expression from thee would suffice for all?

What is it to send sincere blessings upon a name,
When thee, in person, I have never called?

Oh how I would love to meet the one to whom I owe most,
To greet thy character who would give concern to none.

What is it to search for the moon behind a barrier of clouds,
When thy face outshines the moon and there is no barrier to thee?

What does it feel like to know that the Beloved is in our midst?

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