Sunday, April 14, 2013

This struggle has remembered...

Drowned in their own blood, the alleys of the lands,
a burning Palestine, a crying honour,
the deprived mother, the awake sister,
the long awaited sun watched across the horizon,
but the sunlight didn't bring with it peace...
oh knight of truth, where have you gone?
this struggle has remembered you all along

how will you account in front of your Master?
How will you side with the blood of your brothers?
Hiding your face only to hide it once again
in front of your messenger, what will you say?
will you return the message unused?
after he went through so much to lend it to you?
The addicting yawn will end with the night prayer
until dawn comes, you must not sleep
or until your eyes are closed shut from decree
because you will be asked, oh knight of truth, where had you gone?
the virtue's of that struggle had remembered you all along.
Author Unknown

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