Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Will You Do?

What will you do
When he comes for you
Will you run, jump, hide
Will you search for a ride

You don't want to be seen
Or be forced to come clean
But you know that it's true
He's gonna come for you

There's a time and a place
He'll take you from your space
And he'll put you underground
Somewhere dark with no sound

If you're lucky there'll be light
Something nice for your sight
But for sure he's on his way
Doesn't care what you've to say

He'll come with no visa
Doesn't care if you're a Lisa
Every one will have their meeting
From yesterday to this evening

So prepare for this day
He's gonna come without delay

When you feel that he's near
La ilaha illa Allah should be clear
And despite the one tear
Upon them there'll be no fear!

Author Unknown

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