Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Defeat Your Ignorance

Wearing hijab is wajib it's true,*
but I have a question for you,
do you think that's all you must do?
Do you think your faith should be limited,

to cloth that protects your innocence?
Do you think you are not bound to the responsibility
of inner knowledge and humility?

Do you think that your job is done,
when you do the 5 pillars and vow to only one?
No sister, theres so much more that must be done,

finding your faults is what truly makes you brave,
RasulAllah said "seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"

fill your mind with amazing names, Adam, Ibrahim, Nuh and Issa;
Khadija, Ali, Ammar, Jaafar, Fatima...
the list is endless and so is their eman,
theres a reason why Islam came to an illiterate man.

Theres a reason why Gabriels first word in the cave was "Ikra'a"
God gave you this brain with all its complexities
don't limit it to magazines, tv, and perplexity.

You are the best of his creations so thank his eminence
theres no greater thank you than to defeat your ignorance.

Manal Mourad

* (This is the writers view on hijab so don't make this thread in-to a hijab discussion pls, I do not know the writer)

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