Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Let Me Be...

I am restless..curb me, please
I am senseless..fill me in
Barren thoughts..not a clue
Ever in dilemma..what to do?

Antagonistic..sometimes numb for truth
Vague..all those views me, please
Test..never at ease

Hope..always looking for
Heart..forever searching for
Tongue..mine displease
(So, forgive me please..)

Reaching..out to You please You
O’ My Rabb..hear my plea,
Content..let me be!


Amina Suleiman said...

Assalam aleikum, may I please use your poem to write an article. I am a Muslim lady who makes daawa through writing. I would like to get your response. Shukran jazillah, maasalam.

Ahmed said...

Wa Alaylkum Salam
Sorry for the delayed reply...please go ahead and use any poem but I would request you link back to the page you got it from on this blog.