Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hev You Seen Those Peeps

That crazy look in yo eyes
Yo face heat with rage
you and the other guys
If it chances, a war you're get set to wage

Yo girl all dolled up
Like she's yo trophy
& on yo other side, is she
Like, get a gurl, her friends for free?

Yo foreheads tattooed: HATER
Lil Difference between you and Hitler
And yo lil clique like the group O' Nazis
WW3 about to explode, like a repeat of History, Except jews can't dig up Hitler so they & U help slaughter My family:
My brothers, My sisters

Just cause we're Muslims
We believe in Allah
Not givin in to lusts & whims
And we love our messenger

And guess what, you can't hurt him
Peace be upon him
Not a second goes by
When his memory isn't held high
Around the globe
Like a clock, tick tock..
We are muslim
Followers of him, peace be upon him

& my hijab burn yo sight?
Cause its modesty shames yo gurl who's barely clothed, right?
Or maybe cause you can't perv with yo nasty mind..?

& the brother with the beard
Now its just killin you
To you its weird?
Look at yo crucifix, jesus has a beard
And mary has a hijab & the nuns have a hijab
To them u show respect
& for us, u HATE, what else should we expect
Racist like hell, though you zip it, oh well.

So get yo facts straight before u hate
Cause you're closer to death today
Than you were yesterday
You will die for sure, its fate
Is it worth the price you'll pay
Sellin yo soul to the devil
Succumbing to evil
It Controls you, cause you allow it to lead you astray
That's why you have

That crazy look in yo eyes
Yo face heat with rage
you and the other guys
Waiting in ambush, a war you're get set to wage

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