Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love of Allah

The love of God is very evident.
you can see it every second:
The air that we breathe, the sun that shines,
the earth that we stand upon.
The food and drink, the clothes, the wife, the children, the properties, the car:
they are all the endowments of God upon us,
The greatness(glory) of God is also obvious
through His mountains, oceans, the scenic views.
His power is also evident.
It occurs in front of us: the sudden death of someone,
an automobile accident, the land/hill slope,
the collapse of a building, the flood which ruins everything,
the strong wind that destroys buildings, plants, and woods,
the volcanoes that erupt, which are very terrifying,
and the crash of planes that cause the deaths of a large number of people,
the earthquake that destroys houses,
killing thousands of people, the political leaders are overthrown,
and the millionaire who falls into bankruptcy.
One who used to be honored, is no longer respected,
in contrast he is disgraced.
One who used to be disgraced, is now honored or respected.
One who was well known, is now forgotten.
One who was not well known, is now a public figure.
Our eyes notice all these events but sadly we do not realize it because our heart is blind.
We should already have learned many lessons from them.
But our heart is dead.
The above said incidents do not touch our heart.
But, after our soul is taken by the angel of death,
only then we start to realize it, as if we have just awakened from a false slumber.
At that time, we’re so shocked, to the extent that our eyes are open widely.
We start to realize the reality of this life.
We start to know the reality of the world and the Hereafter.
But it is too late already.
You have exceeded the border.
It is the time to receive the consequence!
by Humbleservant

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