Sunday, December 16, 2012


They said it was constant, it simply never breaks.
To others that said, a major one is all it takes.

Such is the speech, of deviants from long ago.
But it certainly oscillates, that we do know.

And with it a hand, the pendulum of a clock.
Come the day that it stops.. an uninvited knock.

The trouble is where, will one be when it ends.
On the life that one lived, the answer depends.

It's not just their actions, it's the way that they thought.
For glowing mountains of deeds, they can still be for naught.

But that's another subject, let's talk about this swing.
For it really is, a most troubling thing.

So why is it that, one day we pray five.
We are so happy, it feels great to be alive.

Then come the next day, our limbs weigh a ton.
"It's asr you say? I thought thuhr just begun!"

It could be for, a variety of reasons.
Certainly we all have our inner demons.

But what if it was, that a good deed with pride.
Is more of a danger, than the sins that we hide.

So we didn't show the others, that's not what this is about.
It's on an inner level, that we claimed we were devout.

We sometimes forget, we all have a past.
We do a good deed, we forget this so fast.

Remember yourself, and what your Lord has still granted.
If you ever did good, it was something He planted.

So thank him humbly, and hope for the best.
Yes even our good deeds can be upon us a test.

It's a troubling matter, something to think about.
A possible explanation, for those sudden spells of drought.

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