Saturday, January 05, 2013

I Have Strayed

Ya Allah I have strayed,
countless times disobeyed:
With the sight you blessed me with I have abused,
the ears & tongue I misused...
Is there anyone that guides but You?
And who forgives besides You...
My sins reach up or beyond the sky
When I remember my heart weeps & cries
I feel so desperate, the state of my grave?
Yet If your mercy & forgiveness doesn't release me, Yah Allah I'm trying, a sinful, remorseful slave.
I let this dunya overtake me
I let it control me, strung me like puppet, miserably tied unable to break free
Yet here I am Allah, hoping for your Mercy, Save me, O Allah, please save me..
Yah Malik Yawm middeen!
Yah Dhul Jalali wal ikram!
Allahummah Alaameen!

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