Wednesday, January 16, 2013

O Ungrateful Child

I'm sorry I'm not enough for you
Though I gave up my life for you
I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul
I needed you to carry it, but you shot at it till my hearts bleeding at its hole
I keep asking you, what do you need from me ill try for you,
I really, really love you, it pains me when you don't too.
The look in your eyes is dead, the way you glare just stabs my soul repeatedly...
Please just see what you're doing to me,
You're killing me, do you see? Why do you turn a blind eye?
My sweetheart my darling a smile so caring isn't the end of the world..
When you smile and your eyes twinkle, it wraps my world with warmth & care..
For now I need to be left at peace, a goodbye kiss.. I hope you find what you desire most, I can't help you, I lack, I know. May he/ she bring smiles to your heart.. Don't weep when I'm not around..
But remember the life I gave to you

Author Unknown

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