Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Have Shamed Ourselves

O Allah, we have shamed ourselves,
Our sins are very great,
But with every respect,
Your mercy is ever so greater,

O Allah, please guide us to your path,
O Allah, please save us from your wrath,
Allow us to go to your promised garden,
To see the rest of the sons of Adam,

Oh Allah, save us from the hell fire,
Where you have promised the disbelievers,
Who among them will have no interceders,
And no one to speak for them,
As they will be the most arrogant of men,

Grant us with Jannah,
Ar Rehman,
Grant us with Jannah,
Ar Raheem,
Grant us with Jannah,
And save us from those who disbelieve.

By Yusuf Khan

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