Thursday, December 22, 2005

And We Call Ourselves Believers...

And We Call Ourselves Believers...
By Masood

In the time of the Prophet, even the hypocrites prayed in the masjid every day.
And we call ourselves believers, but in a masjid many of us hardly ever pray.

They would fast in Ramadan and they would give some money in zakat too.
And we call ourselves believers; would our bellies and pockets say we're true?

They acted and they prayed as if they were the true lovers of this deen.
And we call ourselves believers, but is salah even in our daily routine?

They gave money in sadaqa, even though it caused their hearts much pain.
And we call ourselves believers, yet in sadaqa, many of us totally refrain.

They acted as if they loved the Quran, they memorized it and all.
And we call ourselves believers, but many of us only hang it on our wall.

They even went to the masjid when they heard Bilal's mighty call.
And we call ourselves believers; yet many miss salah for stuff like the mall.

They pretended that they loved you, they would even hug and kiss you.
And we call ourselves believers; yet anger runs between some of us like a flu.

They followed some sunnah, however they did it just for show.
And we call ourselves believers, yet the sunnah many of us just forgo.

They said La ilaha illalah, but will go to the Nar because they weren't sincere.
And we call ourselves believers, yet to the deen, many of us don't adhere.

In there hearts was a nasty disease, yet they acted as if they really cared.
And we call ourselves believers, and yet, its our actions that seem impaired.

Comparing ourselves to those hypocrites is an interesting perspective.
And we call ourselves believers, yet even compared to them many of us seem defective.

They were the enemies of Allah, yet to Him they acted as if they were dear,
And we call ourselves believers; well then, lets put this faith of ours in gear!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Our Beloved Nabi (pbuh)

Our Beloved Nabi (pbuh)
by Hafiz Imtiaz Kathrada

Years, Decades, Centuries...time had passed
Young, All, Old...were lost in the past
Vice, Evil, Sin...had spread so fast
A Messenger, Prophet, Saviour...was born at last

Sent as a guidance to mankind
The world's complication did he unwind
Our salvation, his day and night concern
The hereafter being the point of no return

Days, Weeks, Months...years have gone
Piety, Goodness, Devotion...changes have dawn
Peace, Love, Unity...mercy has drawn
Help, Guidance, Direction...a Saviour was born

His heart bore constant remembrance
His actions leading to eternal deliverance
His speech knocked at every heart
His finger split the moon apart

Poverty, Difficulty, Hunger...Patiently did he bear
Just, Righteous, Fair...piety did he wear
Concerned, Worried, Crying...always did he care
Striving, Efforts, Sacrifice...darkness did he tear

Peace, Harmony, Security...marked his presence
Disorder, Chaos, Danger...marks his absence.

An Nasihah, April 2003

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hajj Requests

Hajj Requests
by Ahmed

Friends and the family ask for the same
'In your duas please mention my name

and in the Prophets Masjid convey my salams
pray Allah one day takes me to those blessed lands'

I nod my head and signify acceptance
and ask them to pray I make the distance

To travel safely and with immunity
and that I am able to utilise this opportunity

that Allah has granted me
In fulfilling my islamic Hajj duty!

Inshallah, I will make dua for everyone and I bid you all EID MUBARAK in advance.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

To The People Of The World

This is the story that must be told
of an Iraqi baby, not very old.
Lying in her crib one star lit night
How could she know of those planes in flight?
She lay there quietly touching her nose,
Watching her mobile, wiggling her toes,
Oohing and cooing, so sweetly is she,
Talking to someone, who could it be?
An angel is standing with her in the room.
The baby is smiling, unaware of her doom.
The crib starts to shake and the mobile goes round.
And suddenly comes a most deafening sound.
The ceiling drops in, in a second or two ...
On top of her crib so she ceases to coo ...
No one knows how long she lie there
Who thought about it? doesn't anyone care?
Is she alive? is she dead? Is she in any pain?
Now that you mention it, who knows her name?
Her name is Amal. In English we say Hope.
Crushed between the rubble,her tiny fingers start to grope.
Where is my mommy? I love her so dear
Come, get me mommy! It's dark in here!
I'm scared and I'm hungry and I can't see my feet.
There's blood in my mouth! Give me something to eat!
Where is my daddy? Where's my big brother? It hurts when I breath! Where is my mother?!
How long have I been here? Is this just a dream?
I open my mouth, but can't even scream.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005



This sacred journey we undertake,
Is purely done for Allah’s sake,
But when to Makkah Muslims go,
They must have the means you know,
And the Hajj will have more benefit,
For Pilgrims who are physically fit.

They’ll see the Ka’bah or Baitullah,
Which is the Qiblah in our Salah,
They will wear lhram you see,
Make Tawaf and perform Sa'e,
Which are rituals they must make,
While the Hajj they undertake.

And at Arafat they will meet,
Despite the blazing sun and heat,
And the Hajj will reach its peak,
While Allah’s Mercy pilgrims seek,
No matter what their colour or race,
To seek His pleasure and His Grace.

So much there is to learn and see,
When Muslims display such unity,
They who come from near and far,
And it doesn’t matter who they are,
As long as Allah is their goal,
And they purify their soul.

Remember too, right from the start,
Virtues of each Rukn form part,
Of the Hajj in all its essence,
Not to mention all the lessons,
And the blessings without measure,
That we get by the Almighty's pleasure.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Sahabah

The Sahabah (companions of the Prophet pbuh)
by Ahmed

Many hardships the companions did endure
Yet on Tauheed they kept their hearts pure

Their gaze fixed on the reward of the hereafter
Unlike us, passing our time in joy and laughter

The services they gave to our deen
The likes of which we have never seen

The pleasure of Allah and His Rasul their aim
They gave up lives of luxuries and fame

We have acknowledged their good status
Then why does this not give us impetus

To strive and work to be like they were
Instead to be like pop stars and celebrities we prefer?

O Muslim! Leave the kuffar ways before you are seized
Instead adopt the way of the Sahabah’s with whom Allah is pleased!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When a person fears Allah...

When a person fears Allah...
Author unknown

When a person fears Allah you can tell
How many times a day do you ponder over Hell?
And whether you enter it and stay
Or whether you’ll be released after you pay

You can see it in his face and in his eyes
In what he will cling to and what he will despise
In what is the center of his attraction
In how he defines the word satisfaction

In how he stops to think before an action
In how he hates spiritual distraction
In how restless is his relaxation
In how remembrance of Allah is his favorite vacation

In how cautious is his enjoyment
In how particular he is about his employment
In the direction in which he casts his glances
In how when it comes to his soul he doesn’t take chances

In the secretive way he shares his money
In faith he finds a taste much sweeter than honey
In his poverty to Allah he has found Richness in His Pleasure
In his emptying his heart in repentance he has found forgiveness beyond measure

In his isolation with his Lord he feels overwhelmed with the company of blessings
In his hatred of ignorance and fearing a return to a life of transgressing
In how taqwa is his leader, not his desires
In how clear and lofty are the goals for which he aspires

In how he tames his stomach and incarcerates his tongue
In how readily he submits to the truth when it’s brung
In how he smiles at the believers and frowns at his sins
In how smooth and loving he is with his wife knowing that gentleness always wins

In how he ponders over the creation of his Lord increasing in insight and joy!
Fortifying his faith with tawheed knowing what shirk can destroy
By Allah I love this person and love to watch and count his ways
By Allah I miss this person who seems so rare these days!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

When truth was lost and hearts frozen
from You, Allah came a Prophet, chosen.
Blessed Prophet Muhammad, obedient to You
taught us the things we ought to do.

He taught us for certain that You are One
and that You have neither a daughter nor son.
He taught us to be good to our mother and father
and that Paradise lies under the feet of our mother.

I love you my Prophet and sing your praise
and follow your Sunna, Prophetic Ways.
One day I will come to visit your tomb
Insh'Allah, that day will be very soon.