Thursday, January 26, 2006

What Is The Image The Youth Is Following Today?

What is the image, the youth follow today?
Who without a shadow of doubt have truly gone astray,
Gold chains and rings is the new trend they adorn,
Changing cloths like the weather before they are torn.

The fastest of cars they want to drive,
Into the world of the gangster they all want to dive.
Little do they know, what for them is in store,
But any other way of life for them now seems a bore.

With the smoking of a spliff, they seem to begin,
And not before long, they refuse to call it a sin.
Then they are tempted by crack and cocaine,
These are the drugs that drive people insane.

Those who are dealers will see the young blood,
It will convince them, to sell to the boys in the hood.
Soon he will see how quick money will be made,
To harden himself he begins to carry a blade.

Not before long he’s driving a flash car,
Thinking to himself, that his gonna get very far.
Slowly but surely up that ladder he will climb,
Risking it all for the dollar and dime.

Now that he’s big he walks around strapped,
In a web of destruction, he is now trapped,
Life will now take him one of three ways,
If he thinks he’s too big he will get blazed.

Or even end up on the run with nowhere to hide,
And when the law catches up he’ll end up inside.
Or so addicted he becomes on the crack and cocaine,
That these things alone will drive him insane.

So the life of a gangster aint all that it seems,
Let that kind of life just remain in your dreams.
You Wanna Be A Gangster ? Think Again!!!!

Muslims Today...

Muslims Today...
by Ahmed

In big mansions and homes we dwell
Our wardrobes we continuously swell

Flashy and Fast cars we love to drive
For the hereafter we have forgotten to strive

All this for fame and show
Yet 6 feet under we all have to go

Two white sheets we will adorn
Until Israfeel will blow the horn

And then again we will be raised
Judgement day we shall be appraised

Each good deed
Every bad deed

Will be put on the scale
This test will we pass or fail?

Destination Heaven or Hell, the eternal abode
Choose now, while you can, your preferred road!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Whatever we do, we'll pay the price
In the depths of hell or in paradise
For the believer, this life is just like a cage
For the unbeliever, it's the ultimate stage

Little does he know about the awaiting reward
Which is full of luxuries, where no-one gets bored
You'll enter the gate of paradise, if it's in your fate
Your deeds and actions will determine by which gate

No worldly things will you ever miss
On entering the gate, you'll be surrounded by bliss
Four rivers will be granted by the Divine
containing water and milk, honey and wine

People will live in mansions built high
Where they'll live forever, no-one will die
It's bricks will be made of silver and gold
The climate will be perfect, not hot and not cold

A hundred years it will take to circle a tree
Surrounded by loved ones for all eternity
There will be no calls of nature, no-one will sleep
There will be no worries, no one will weep

When people sweat, it will smell of musk
Allah swt will be praised from dawn till dusk
Everyone will be aged 30 or 33
And they'll stay at that age for eternity

The inhabitants will be wearing a beautiful green gown
Sitting on thrones, wearing a crown
People will be happy, there'll be no remorse
To visit others, they'll have a flying horse

Men will have 2 houris as their wives
Who will remain with them for the rest of their lives
On Friday there will be a dinner for people of all races
And a bazaar where people can exchange their faces!

When walking along there'll be many meetings
With prophets and angels, exchanging greetings
Such is the ecstasy that will then prevail
When Allah swt removes His veil

There will be no kings, there will be no peasants
And everyone will see the Divine Allah's presence
There are 100 levels to paradise and we should pray
That Al Firdaus, the highest will be where we stay

Allah swt has showered us with His grace
And we have to be worthy to show our face
Whatever we do ,we'll pay the price
In the depths of hell or in paradise

The Prophet's Mosque

The Prophet's Mosque
With lightness of foot the gentle camel came
fearing to jolt the Prophet holding its rein.

With grace it had moved over the hot dessert sand
obeying the touch of its kind master's hand.

A cloud had shadowed them all along the way
and shielded them from the fierce sun's rays.

As they reached Medina children raced to his side
and the Prophet dismounted, patting his ride.

"Where shall we build the Mosque," in haste they enquired
as the Prophet released his camel that was happy yet tired.

"Be patient," he said "In a moment you will see
where the camel takes its rest that's the place it will be."

As the camel sat down in a very blessed place
happiness spread over everyone's face

they knew where they must build at last
and brought wood and palms very fast.

A fine, yet humble Mosque stood upon the site
and the Prophet worshiped there day and night.

He thanked Allah for the safety of his ride,
for the camel that had carried him and those by his side