Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ramadan is here

Ramadan is here
by Ahmed

Ramadan is here, its here!
Ramadan oh so dear, so dear

During this month we must fast
Opportunity for our good deeds to amass

From food and drink we abstain
Satan this month is put on a chain

Wake late in the night for Tahajjud
Pray like you really truly should

Duas at this early hour readily accepted
Almighty Allah hears all, the Most Elevated

Then eat your delicious suhoor food
Throughout the day don’t be in a mood

Muslims fast all over worldwide
Rewards in this month multiplied

Your eyes will soon open up wide
Looking at all those samosas fried

But don’t just anxiously await the iftaar
Make dua, ask to be kept from sins afar

Recite the Holy Qur’an much
Each and every sunnah try to clutch

Make good speech your norm
Extra Nafl salaah do perform

Having kept your fast during the day
At night Taraweeh stand and pray

Practise the beautiful way of our Prophet*
And for eternity hereafter increase your profit!

* Peace and Blessing upon him
May Allah give us all the ability to make the most of this blessed month of Ramadan, ameen.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Five Pillars of Islam

Author unkown

Allah is One and like no one,
He has no partner, nor a son,
He is Kind and Just and Wise,
And has no form, shape or size.

His final Messenger to all of us,
Did so much without a fuss,
Muhammad is his blessed name,
As mercy to the worlds he came.

Five times a day we make Salah,
That's when we bow down to Allah,
We ask for guidance when we pray,
And this we do every single day.

We have to share with those in need,
And not give in to thoughts of greed,
Zakah then helps us in this way,
Lest we should err and go astray.

In the month of Ramadan we must fast,
From the first day to the last,
When food and drink we put aside,
By fasting rules we then abide.

And all those who can afford,
Seek the pleasure of their Lord,
They perform their Hajj you know,
When to Makkah the pilgrims go.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You and Me

Before mankind lived upon this earth
Adam was created without father or birth
Allah made him from different coloured clay
So that is why our skins are coloured in this way.

Some of us are dark and others a kind of white
But it is only our belief that separates us in His Sight.
He made us all to know one another
To become sisters and brothers each to the other.

But Satan has worked hard to disrupt this perfect plan
By scheming, devising and then separating man.
So forget about the reflection in the mirror that you see
Seek only the believing person you really want to be.

So forget about colour and forget about pride
And let Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) be our only guide,
Guiding us to the Path that is so very straight
That strengthens us against Satan, the wicked degenerate!

Author unknown