Monday, April 30, 2007

Ladies first

It's easy to get swept into this society's norms
In a World of "After you" and "Ladies first"
All wrongs seem to come at you in the right forms.
In a World of "After you" and "Ladies first"

In a world where girls and guys can intermingle
In a world where it's a virtue to stay single
Where the only guideline is in each persons ability
Where everyone has stripped themselves of liability

We tend to forget the people of our history
making the achievement of good deeds a mystery

such as the story of a man in madyan
who helped some women get water from a well

such as the story of a man in madyan
who into his desires, he did not sell

"come with me" the girl said
and to her father, he was led
the father was impressed with his manly nature
He wanted to see this man of great stature

on the way he did not twidle
making sure there was no chance for shaytan to fiddle
Ahead of the girl he chose to walk
and if he were to walk too far, he bid her to throw rocks

he dared not walk behind her
not because of arrogance or pride
he dared not walk behind her
for fear he would take joy in their stride

a man of great stature indeed
a man who truly did succeed

A different story, today's society does tell
A different story, into which many of us fell
a story of "After you" and "Ladies first"

Saturday, April 14, 2007


When things are down
And you are out of your mind
Remember just remember
Allah is The Kind.

When your life is in darkness
And nothing is right
Remember just remember
Through the darkness,
Allah is The Light.

When nothing makes sense
And your heading for demise
Remember just remember
It doesn't make sense, but Allah is The Wise.

When times are troubled
And no one seems to care
Remember just remember
Allah won't hurt you, He is The Fair.

When your heart is breaking
And your pain makes you fall
Remember just remember Allah Sees it all.

When you are weak
And the road seems long
Remember just remember
Seek strength from The Strong.

When life is a burden
And everything is unstable
Remember just remember
Allah is The Able.

When the way is cloudy
And there is no one by your side
Remember just remember
Allah is The Only Guide.

When no one wants to listen
Or is willing to lend an ear
Remember just remember
Allah is always ready to hear.

When you are poor and penniless
And you are stuck in a niche
Remember just remember
Allah is The Rich.

When you are down in your misery
And there is nowhere to run
Remember just remember
You can always run to The One.

And when your scars are hurting
And your heart is in fear
Remember just remember
Allah is really here.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Actions speak louder than words

Once I was walking down the road
On a dark and foggy night
When there was hardly any light

I called out “Hey, mister, What’s your name?”
At first there was no reply
Perhaps he was a little shy

I called out yet again
But it was all in vain
I was about to give up when it suddenly began to rain
And as we ran helter, skelter
To find ourselves shelter
He opened his umbrella
Willing to share
And then I realized that my friend of few words
Really did care

And as we huddle together, cold and numb
I realized that my friend couldn’t speak
Because he was deaf and dumb

And then a sudden thought flashed through my mind
Do we really need words to be kind?
What words couldn’t do, his actions had done
For life long in me
A friend he had won!