Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lets Get Back to Islam

Lets get back to Islam, before the sun goes down,
We never know when we'll be under the mound.

"I'll pray when I get older," That's what they say,
But we might not have even one more day!

Lets get back to Islam, before its too late,
"Aw man, can't I just delay it for another date?"

Times running out, our lives are almost done,
"But brother, I'm too busy having fun."

Lets get back to Islam, Jahannam aint funny,
"Come on man, I'm to busy making money!"

The Quran sits on our shelves and there it picks up dust,
The longer we stay away from it, the more our hearts pick up rust.

Lets get back to Islam, before our lives our gone,
"Not right now, I'm too busy, can't you see I have the TV on!"

There's no time to waste, lets start it now,
come on, for Allah can't you even bow?

Lets get back to Islam, this aint just a song,
"But brother, a few minutes in prayer, that's too long!"

"I'll go on hajj when I'm around fifty-five,"
Come on man, by then will you even be alive?

Lets get back to Islam, lets not waist another day,
"Aw Masood, leave me alone, I just wanna play."

Lets turn back to Allah before we turn to dust,
There's no delaying, bro this is a must!

Lets get back to Islam, for reals, not just with our lips,
Oh Allah make us sincere, so we don't feel Jahannam's whips.

"I think I'll get pious when my hair turns gray."
Come on man, don't wait, we may die any day.

Lets get back to Islam, this aint just another rap,
Its a race to Jennah, and Islam's the only map.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


God created suffering and heartache so that
joyful-heartedness might appear through its opposite.
Hence hidden things become manifest through
opposites. But since God has no opposite, He remains hidden.

For the sight falls first upon light, then upon color:
Opposites are made manifest through opposites, like white and black.
So you have come to know light through light's opposite:
Opposites display opposites within the breast.

God's light has no opposite within existence,
that through its opposite it might be made manifest.
Therefore our "eyes comprehend Him not,
but He comprehends the eyes" (Koran VI 104):
Learn this from Moses at Mount Sinai*.
Know that form springs from meaning as the lion from the thicket,
or as voice and speech from thought. Form was born from speech and then died.
It took its wave back to the sea.
Form comes out from Formlessness: Then it returns, for "unto Him
we are returning" (Koran II 156).

-- Mathnavi I, 1130-34 Translation by William C. Chittick
"The Sufi Path of Love"
SUNY Press, Albany, 1983

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make use of Youth

Make use of your youthful age
It leaves quickly, and you hit the elderly stage

and your health can swiftly deteriorate
Our good health has an short date

So make use of them while you can
Save your self from sin and plan

For doing as many good deeds as possible
For 6 feet under, its too late and impossible!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When I was Ill

I was feeling ill
Solution was the pill
If only it could make me recover
In a spilt, like the Creator

The adhan was heard calling
The water for wudhu' was cool freezing
With His name I began my prayer
To HIM i submit and surrender

To the bed i jumped again
Nothing else to bargain
Covering myself wiz blankets
I was asleep as though in casket

Dreams brought me far
To an island offshore
I saw a bird flying
I thought of many things

I tried to catch the bird
Till i fall down like dirt
And i could not get up
There was no one to help out

I cry a lot but there wasn't any tear
I was left all alone in my own fear
I was awake from the loud sound "vroom"
Alhamdulillah i was safe in my room

A sparrow flew on to my window sill
Making sound behind the grill
It was the same bird as in my dream
But only real this time it seem

I get up and walk towards the window
And the bird was quiet for a minute over
I saw a man starting his bike noisily
Disturbing the bird especially

And now i notice why didn't the bird fly
Just like when i'm ill, i could only lie
It's wing was injured badly
Perhaps by someone or accidentally

SubhanAllah I was thinking
How much ni'mat He has been giving
To ponder upon HIS creatings
Animals with four legs, others with wings.

I thought how wonderful Allah is
Everything around me is really His
I realise how much lucky i am
I'm still able to move around

Thank you Allah for all that You give
The illness You bestow is indeed a gift
Every illness comes wiz His forgiveness
May He grants us mercy and easiness


Monday, January 09, 2012

Restart Posting on this blog

Assalam Alaykum,
Insha'Allah I plan to restart posting poetry from myself and others soon insha'Allah.
Please pray Allah Almighty makes easy this task, places blessings in it and accepts it from us.

In the cming few weeks and once updates have start I ask that you help spread the news and our efforts by sharing posts by email and social media.

Wasalam Alaykum