Friday, April 26, 2013

My Love Story

She came into my life, when i needed her the most when i had lost it all, the trust, the care, emotion.
she taught me that i could trust people again that i could love and respect once more.
making me think different to how others would percieve. when i felt weak, she'd empower me.
Her presence was pleasing and brought peace to my heart the scenes of the world were colourful now, pure art.
She encouraged me to ask Allah, and He would give.. So by His Mercy i'd learn patience, and to forgive.
We'd work together and be strong. Even though our journey was tiresome, and long..
..but time moved forward, and situations changed. The world distracted. 
The love didn't increase, just conflicted.
"i'm sorry" i'd say regretfully. 
"repent to Allah" she would reply.
but the love wouldn't rise again. Sins would rise. Our relationship began to change... My heart was greedy, and it wanted more.
the gaze wouldnt lower when passers flaunted the heart said no, but the desires taunted.
the heart covered itself in dirt of black. soon.. she left, and didn't come back...

the regret hurt, and loneliness messed my head. Couldn't go sleep, couldn't rest.
i covered the pain with sin might remove this pain i'm in?
the pain persisted and the desire more so i increased in rebellion, but this feeling wouldnt go..
..i had lost myself.. my regret overpowered
i went in search
she was with her protector, waiting to be found. Just waiting for me to come around. She missed me too but i couldnt be with her, until i gave her her due.
what is your due, i humbly asked?

To pray, to obey, and be steadfast 
thats the only way - our relationship lasts. 

To be the friend of Allah, and think of death often. 
To humble yourself, and do good action 

to prepare for that moment, when we all run away 
except the one who prepared for that Day 

so fear Allah and be committed 
to our relationship, so you're admitted,  

in the gardens of joy 
don't be the people of hell 
the home of destruction, a fire filled cell. 

mend your ways now, its the right thing to do, 
deep down, you know i care for you..

i listened attentively, understanding.. I was wrong in desiring more.

When she was enough for me, when she made me joy. That smile of that kid, who finds his best toy.
The simplicity, the balance, the pact we kept. Thats what we wanted - without regret.
i asked her Protector, who gave her me back. This experience had put me on track.
except this time i was sure i didnt need to exceed desires for more.
the experience gave me fresh strength

The true Joy was in being content.

..We're now together - together till death, a promise we've - upto now - kept.
i hope it remains this way. oh Allah, don't let us stray. from your Mercy and pleasure. since that's the only way, we'll stay together.
now you know, this was my love story.. except, it wasn't what you expected it to be.
this girl, her name was Imaan*. except she wasn't a girl, she's my faith - that kept me strong.
Imaan is my joy, my love, and pleasure.. the one i've tried to find - through many - in haraam, except this caused the least harm,
..the one I still treasure.
--- *Meaning Faith/trust [I.e. Iman billah (a trust/contract with Allah/God)
I ask Allah to make us love Imaan, to travel with her - always, to cause us to die with her, and to arise on Judgment Day with her by our side.

Author Unknown

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Woman

The Woman I admire
wearing her attire
... hiding her figure,
thus, curbing my desire..

The Woman I desire
fearing the (hell) Fire
is diligent in her prayers
for the rewards of life hereafter...

The Woman I encounter
is beyond bother
with the keen race
to beautify the face!

The Woman I ask
from dawn to dusk
is busy with ALLAH
murmuring, subhan'allah, subhan'allah, subhana'allah

The Woman I observe
certainly deserves
better respect
than what she expects

The Woman I listen
is very, very stern
for her it is a must
to control one's lust

But the Women I see
sad to say, most wear "minis"
alone I lament... "VIAGRA on heels"?
though they are not made for this!

The Woman I met
boasting her beauty
most probably by surgery?
but does she know it is all temporary?

Hence, the Woman I know
is advised to follow
the sunnah of our beloved Rasulullah
from head to toe....

The Woman I judge
often bears a grudge
EQUALITY, she requests (or rather protests)
but please bear in mind ALLAH'S inquest!

The Women I hurt (by this article)
please do not curse or smut
for it is better I warned
before all is gone...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Will You Do?

What will you do
When he comes for you
Will you run, jump, hide
Will you search for a ride

You don't want to be seen
Or be forced to come clean
But you know that it's true
He's gonna come for you

There's a time and a place
He'll take you from your space
And he'll put you underground
Somewhere dark with no sound

If you're lucky there'll be light
Something nice for your sight
But for sure he's on his way
Doesn't care what you've to say

He'll come with no visa
Doesn't care if you're a Lisa
Every one will have their meeting
From yesterday to this evening

So prepare for this day
He's gonna come without delay

When you feel that he's near
La ilaha illa Allah should be clear
And despite the one tear
Upon them there'll be no fear!

Author Unknown

Friday, April 19, 2013

Do You Know

My body is stretched, it's cracked, it's breaking
My muscles, my tendons, my body is aching
My arm fights my leg, my heart fights my head
My organs protest - they are turning to lead
I have but one body and it is divided,
Each part of it arguing, each argument one sided
The pain is excruciating - or at least it would be
If my nerves were connected, if my eyes could see
My body is numb, my mind in denial -
Well it's not going to matter in a little while.

Anybody know what this 'body' represents?

The Ummah!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This struggle has remembered...

Drowned in their own blood, the alleys of the lands,
a burning Palestine, a crying honour,
the deprived mother, the awake sister,
the long awaited sun watched across the horizon,
but the sunlight didn't bring with it peace...
oh knight of truth, where have you gone?
this struggle has remembered you all along

how will you account in front of your Master?
How will you side with the blood of your brothers?
Hiding your face only to hide it once again
in front of your messenger, what will you say?
will you return the message unused?
after he went through so much to lend it to you?
The addicting yawn will end with the night prayer
until dawn comes, you must not sleep
or until your eyes are closed shut from decree
because you will be asked, oh knight of truth, where had you gone?
the virtue's of that struggle had remembered you all along.
Author Unknown

Friday, April 12, 2013

Make Believe

Born in what was left of yesterday’s world,
You thought you could come and tell me what was real,
You tried to hide and seek,
Thinking it was okay to delve in make-believe.
I’ve been here before,
Where you take your steps so lightly,
I am not the child of yesterday’s war,
I’ve been here much longer

Tip toe,
My being circumvents your desires
For I tread carefully,
Where you step so easily
What is it like to live where you are?
Thousands of miles away in a compass direction,
It makes you think you’re thousands of miles higher,
Oh, so much nobler

Author unknown

Monday, April 08, 2013

In Our Midst

By Safiya

What is it to seek those eyes,
When thy gaze has never been held?

What is it to pine for that love,
When such love as thy love has never been shared?

What is it to silence all and search for that word,
When thy voice has never been heard?

What is it to search for that hand,
When thy touch has never been felt?

What is it to delve in day-long musings, questioning oneself,
When just an expression from thee would suffice for all?

What is it to send sincere blessings upon a name,
When thee, in person, I have never called?

Oh how I would love to meet the one to whom I owe most,
To greet thy character who would give concern to none.

What is it to search for the moon behind a barrier of clouds,
When thy face outshines the moon and there is no barrier to thee?

What does it feel like to know that the Beloved is in our midst?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I am but a Man

What am I to do, I am but a man?
I shall fall and again of rising will I plan.
I am a sinner and again shall I sin.
For from being who one is, has anyone ever ran?
Such is the way I am, such are my thoughts.
Will you kill me, burn me or place on be a ban?
I live on the hope that one can repent.
And on that hope will I live, do what you can!

By Brother Hassan