Saturday, September 28, 2013

The only girl who wore a hijab to college

The only girl who wore a hijab to college:
Unhappy is what they call me
Being oppressed in their eyes is why they avoid me,
Thinking of everyone around me
Hell is what I call this place
Wishing I could leave this space,
Everyone surrounding me, staring at me as if I am a danger,
People walking pass, salutes me with a long gaze
Then they spit to their side and walk away,
Praying day and night
O’Lord help me!
O’Lord educated these foolish and nasty people
O’Lord if your will saves me!
O’Lord I am lost! Lost in this place of spiteful people
Then this all ends in tears....

Author unknown

Monday, September 23, 2013

Source of Happiness

What is the source of happiness in this life?
Of which all the people of the world should strive

Is it alcohol? The drink to which people claim;
Makes them feel elated and free of shame
If it is that good then surely the more we’d drink;
The happier we’ll be, or so you’d think.

If alcohol really could make people happy
Why do we find alcoholics among the lowest of the community?
How can it be that something so ‘fine’ and ‘good’
Brings about so much destruction in people’s livelihood

Another object of desire is beauty
To be attractive, handsome; or even a cutey
This desire that is fueled but never satisfied
To think happiness is attained by having a beautiful wife

How can this be a reason for being happy
Something so transitory, that fades so easily?
As beauty is so limited, it cannot be the source
To which all people should strive towards

It is often heard that our children are the apple of our eye
I can tell you first-hand; they bring bliss I can’t lie;
But there is also an un-admitted truth
That they also bring with them, the greatest pain too

Feelings which are unimaginable before parenthood
When your child is sick; you feel the utmost hurt
So how then can children be the source of happiness in this world?
When parents’ emotions are a roller-coaster ride, with high’s and lows?

How about marriage? Having a husband or wife;
Surely they’d bring comfort and joy to your life
But there will be times when you’d feel distanced and heartless
In which you should continue to do good by your spouse for Allah’s sake, regardless

Because only with Allah you will find true tranquility
When you obey Him in times of happiness as well as misery
Because only with obedience to Allah will you attain inner happiness
And acknowledge the pleasures and riches of this world are worthless

Whoever does right, whether male or female, and is a believer, We will make him live a good life, and We will award them their reward for the best of what they used to do. (Quran, 16:97)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Muslim Women

This goes out to every single one of my queens
For all the sisters taking shahadah and my hijabis

Mothers raising sons and daughters, y'all get much love from m
From the heart of Mecca to the street of new York city

Global ambassadors of Islam
Y'all are the reason we're a world wide phenomenon

the reason a billion people read the Quran
I can't express your worth in just one song

Word in my bond, hijabis all over the world
Easy, breezey, beautiful covered girls

Deserving of all the worlds diamonds and pearls
Better yet, Jannah is what y'all really deserve

Inshallah, all praise is due to Allah
Cause We're all His slaves in this dunya

Only He can see into the future
He commanded the pen to write everything from beginning to end

Walk out covering your head He knows your intent
He hears when you repent, Deen of Allah is what you all represent

The epitome of modesty, cleanliness and honesty
These days are rare commodities

And Islam is the only deen that teaches real equality
So dont let life get you down, you were meant to astound

keep your head above water, and both feet above ground
Enjoy the day, and the times that you pray

Worship Allah and find yourself in a better place
Inshallah, because your all beautiful

Guard your beauty, and give it to a man that's suitable
In the end, we're all created human

But your all a step above the rest, there is no disputing

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Man I Want To Be

The man I want to be is strong

The man I want to be is kind

The man I want to be defends his family

The man I want to be breaks his back to provide

The man I want to be is wise

The man I want to be loves Allah

The man I want to be has never been without prayer

The man I want to be never looks for a fight

The man I want to be never backs away when one comes along

The man I want to be sees a vision

The man I want to be works with his hands

The man I want to be is gentle with animals

The man I want to be is respected

The man I want to be takes pride in his appearance

The man I want to be will help others

The man I want to be is honest

The man I want to be is handsome

The man I want to be is generous

The man I want to be is a good listener

The man I want to be is angry only for the sake of Allah

The man I want to be is patient

The man I want to be is humble

The man I want to be is a good teacher

The man I want to be leads by example

The man I want to be is trusted

The man I want to be does not know his own worth

The man I want to be is my father…

Friday, September 13, 2013

How Can One Really Know

Is it really, is it so?
How can one really know?

Will the book of deeds be on the left or the right?
Will there be delight or fright?

One things for sure - Allah is Most Merciful
That is what we all can hope for.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Hijab – My Identity

There are some places
Be it
A Strange city
A land over the sea
So far from home
I may be
Salaams flow from the lips of strangers
What a welcome familiar sound
Respect abound
I am known…
I belong…
Then there are places
Where people stare at me
In awe
In fear
Sometimes distrust
Plain hostility
That I accept
And sometimes expect
But still undeniably
I am known…
I belong…
For better or worse
My hijab is my Identity

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Moderate Muslim

I am a moderate Muslim
I don’t pray 5 times a day
Only jummah is enough for me
I don’t fast the full thirty
Five is how many I do

Yes I drink
But only in moderation
I don’t get drunk or puke up in the loo
Yes I am a moderate Muslim

I check out the fit women
But only one at a time
I don’t sleep with them
Coz that’s extreme
I only date them, hug them, hold hands and kiss them.
Coz everything in moderation right?

I take drugs
But only class C ones
Avoid the hard ones
Coz only the fanatics do that

A moderate Muslim is the label I have given myself
Coz I can’t leave Islam
Coz it’s the truth
Can’t be an atheist or secular humanist

So I reconcile my Islam
To please the westerners
By compromising
And trying oh so very hard to fit in

My name is Muhammed
But to all and sundry I am Mo
During lunch and after work
Off to the pub I go
A few bevies
Nothing to heavy
Every weekday
Except for Fridays
Coz that’s a holy day

Despite all my compromises of my Islam
I cannot find any peace of mind or satisfaction in my heart
I feel guilty and ashamed
Feelings of nausea and self hate

My mind is in conflict and I find myself asking a question
Maybe to this you can relate
The question is

If you’re convinced of Islam then why follow it in moderation?
Should you not follow it completely and fundamentally?
Despite what the non-Muslims think or say
Coz who are they to tell us how we should follow the truth
When they are lost and following the misguidance.
Author Unknown