Friday, February 21, 2014

Intellect and Heart

Intellect one day said to the heart

"I am a guide to those gone astray

Though bound to earth, i reach the heaven above
Just see how far reaching is my sway

I am cast in the mould of legendary Khizr
i am destined in the world to show the way

I am interpreter of the book of life
I am an attribute of divine display

You are but a drop of blood
i am the envy of ruby's ray"

"It's all true", the heart replied:
"But look at me, be as it may

You look at life's trauma and drama
I see through life's white and gray

You deal with outer manifestations
And i am aware of the inner fray

Knowledge is to you, intuition is to me
You seek god, I show to pray

Limit of wisdom is restless doubting
I am a cure for the malady of dismay

You are a lantern to illumine a spot
i am a lamp to illumine the way

You deal with the concept of time and space
I deal with the concept of Judgment day

To what lofty place i do belong
I am pedestal of God Almighty i say."

Allama Iqbal