My heart dreams,
It invites ideas of all themes,
My mind implements,
It eliminates all the tangents,

Yet, My heart depicts
what my mind ponders,
My mind ticks
to my heart's wonders,

My heart flies
on the winding path of laughs and cries,
My mind sails
on the binding rail of gains and fails,

Yet, My heart feels
what my mind sees,
My mind deals
my heart's keys,

My heart seeks,
It longs for the rainbow streaks,
My mind selects,
It picks only the black and white effects,

Yet, My heart fills
what my mind sketches,
my mind instills
my heart's etches,

But now, my heart and mind
are in quite a bind.
The ways of before
just don't work anymore.

To what my heart directs,
my mind burns,
To what my mind objects,
my heart yearns,

The path has come to a split,
either Love or Logic will only fit,
my heart and mind both test their might
to see which shall prevail into the light...