Sunday, May 26, 2013

Follow Our Deen

Close it seems, but distant in cry
to follow our deen, and try to get by
to follow our heart, and look to the sky
to order the start, of all things right.
To live and grow, and worship and pray
From dua to salat, 5 times a day.
From wudu to Ramadan, to the joy of Eid
We live our lives like Muhammad.. or at least try.
Prayer rug on the ground, hands by my face
"Allahu akbar," I say with praise.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Who could be lost?
Is it he found the truth and perserved or,
Could it be the one who turned his back for dunya,
Made partners with the accursed who wants to doom ya,
I seek refuge from the own self,
With Allah from the arrogant ones,
That think their getting their own wealth,
Im in jihad and I struggle with my own self,
All praise to Allah,
The Most Merciful,
My favourite moments in this world is when i'm all alone,
With my Lord I can feel his presence closer growing,
And there aint nothing bout the dunya that could stop the tears,
The words that penetrate my heart and strike away my fears,
And all that's present is the truth of one creater here,
Oh Allah guide me closer make my soul prepared.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Defeat Your Ignorance

Wearing hijab is wajib it's true,*
but I have a question for you,
do you think that's all you must do?
Do you think your faith should be limited,

to cloth that protects your innocence?
Do you think you are not bound to the responsibility
of inner knowledge and humility?

Do you think that your job is done,
when you do the 5 pillars and vow to only one?
No sister, theres so much more that must be done,

finding your faults is what truly makes you brave,
RasulAllah said "seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"

fill your mind with amazing names, Adam, Ibrahim, Nuh and Issa;
Khadija, Ali, Ammar, Jaafar, Fatima...
the list is endless and so is their eman,
theres a reason why Islam came to an illiterate man.

Theres a reason why Gabriels first word in the cave was "Ikra'a"
God gave you this brain with all its complexities
don't limit it to magazines, tv, and perplexity.

You are the best of his creations so thank his eminence
theres no greater thank you than to defeat your ignorance.

Manal Mourad

* (This is the writers view on hijab so don't make this thread in-to a hijab discussion pls, I do not know the writer)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Modern Woman

I am a woman of the 21st century, a woman of today, of now and here
Far, far removed from my great-great-great grandmother of yesteryear
Not only in terms of the time span, but in the social, political, technological conditions
Emancipated, liberated, unhampered and free; I am a totally new edition!!
Would not she begrudge me my elevated position!
Wrested from men with tooth and nail
The battle of the sexes is indeed beyond the pale

Intellectually, physically and politically on longer am I to men, inferior
Injustice, oppression with such virtues did they maintain a position superior
No longer am I tied to the kitchen sink
No, verily I am now certainly in the pink!
Not worried about having babies; it was such a big strain
On my attractive figure, on my wit, my intellect and my brain
Oh! I've climbed on to the paid workers train
I can claim a respectable title to my name
I can climb the highest mountain, dive into the deepest seas
Pursue every dream, every aspiration with equal facility and ease
In every field, every endeavour have I achieved fame

I am a doctor, a scientist, an inventor, an engineer
The equality of my brain power, men do fear
A philosopher, a lawyer, a judge am I
No men can deny the quality of my decisions, even hard if they try
No longer am I exempt from any profession or position
To my undoubted ability, my suitability I brook no opposition!
A soldier, a sailor, a politician, even the highest of the high
Aspirations to rule, to be president within my reach lie
Enabling me like men, to be brutal and crooked
To have no concerns over the people who are thus crushed and booted
Brawn power is no longer men's exclusive domain
A wrestler, a boxer, a trucker I can be
No longer playing second fiddle to men, as you can clearly see

Is there a limit to my monumental rise?
No, certainly not - why have I worked this wise?
Anything men can do, I can do better
Not equality, but superiority is what I seek
My just deserts, the fruits of my success I shall reach

And all have I gained without any expense?
Alas, no that has not been the case in any sense
Increasingly, I wonder and wonder
If into man's hands have I not played in this war of the gender
As I see myself in the bare minimum, artistically draped
Over an automobile, a boat, or any such saleable commodity
Constrained into a figure, a size, a style that men have shaped
Never questioning this new form of abuse - what an oddity!
Advertising chewing gum in my cleavage
Using my body for such small paltry gains
Fallen and cheapened myself all by a ploy
Of the men who use subtle and sophisticated new techniques to oppress and suppress
Intellectually reduced to a meaningless toy
Only on my physical attributes do they place undue stress
I sometimes think, have I been such a fool
With my own free will, allowed men to use me as a tool
For my own degradation, my own depravity - Oh! would that I could cry!!
So bereft of any honour and shame am I;

Victimised at work and at play; verily on every ground
The rape and harassment statistics truly do astound
My mental health has fallen by the wayside
With stimulants, drugs and worse, my agitation do I hide
My quest to retain my youthful body; an illusion, an illustration
Of a commodity for men's gratification
Severe dieting, the health club are my religion
The plastic surgeon's knife is but a small pain
To evade the wrinkles, the grey hair and sagging breasts to train
The stress is killing me; Oh! that I could just enjoy
Self-esteem and respect for myself as a person, not as a toy
Oh! that the joys of motherhood were valued at the right price
So I could turn my back on this "progress" without thinking twice
And revert to my honoured role in the confines of my own warm sweet home

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Will it be like on Judgement Day

I feel my heartbeat slowing,
My death is fast approaching,
And they appear to me,
The angels want my soul,
The angels want my soul,
The executors of demands,
They never fail the task,
All my power, all my wealth?
They've deserted me,
They've deserted me,
My destination isn't clear,
The sum of all my fears,
My denials have appeared,
And it's the greatest loss,
And it's the greatest loss,
Oh could I return?
Just to say that I believed,
Oh could I have earned,
All the land and all the seas,
I don't wanna burn,
I don't wanna burn,
O could I return?
And give my brother just a smile?
Oh could I return?
And persevere just for a while,
And remember him,
And remember him.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Let Me Be...

I am restless..curb me, please
I am senseless..fill me in
Barren thoughts..not a clue
Ever in dilemma..what to do?

Antagonistic..sometimes numb for truth
Vague..all those views me, please
Test..never at ease

Hope..always looking for
Heart..forever searching for
Tongue..mine displease
(So, forgive me please..)

Reaching..out to You please You
O’ My Rabb..hear my plea,
Content..let me be!