Monday, July 21, 2008

The Great Physician

Welcome to the Great Physician's
Office hours are as you come,
He's a specialist in all problems
And His day is never done.

He can heal a heart that's broken
He can mend the spirit too,
No matter what your ailment
He does have the cure for you.

His fee for service never alters
He serves rich and poor as well,
He's our one chance for salvation
He alone saves us from Hell.

There's no fee for services rendered
All He asks is we believe.
and do as He has commanded us
And His blessings we will receive.

Do you have a special problem
That is troubling you this hour?
Then just simply turn to Him
You can find no greater power.

Don't delay in seeking treatment
Please my friend don't hesitate,
For His office is soon closing
And He'll shut and lock the gate.

I wouldn't want for you to suffer
While the doctor's so close by,
Your whole life will be much better
If the physician you will try.

Author Unknown

Allah Almighty, اَلْسَّلاَمُ
He is the One who saves the believing servants from all dangers, bringing them peace, blessings and security of paradise.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


by Taysseer Kadri

I always wonder; is it ever worth it?
To try and strive to be ever so perfect?

Who determines what perfect is and what isn't?
Who truly is so happy and lives so pleasant?

Who has never cheated, lied, hurt or has been hurt
Yet still is sweet and kind, and knows what a soul is worth?

Which mortal has lived heaven on earth?
Who can live and say, I will never die from the day of birth?

That sounds too good to be perfect.
Let me help define how a human is perfect.

Perfect is being able to forgive and forget,
To be able to realize your mistakes and repent,

To realize our bad, and promise to never do it again,
But then again, we're only humans in the end.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I love your Veil

What’s all this tale about the veil?
Fred and Gail shout and hail

Straw as hero
For his hail of fire
on Aïsha’s attire.

Did Straw want Aïsha to show
Herself from head to toe?

Let Gail wear a mini-skirt
For her flirt.

And let Aïsha wear
on her face, Or on her hair

Whatever piece
That would bring her peace

Vis-à-vis God and vis-à-vis Man.
Oh, man!
Why d’you wish her to disclose
Her beautiful eyes and nice nose

Or her lips or her hips
If that belongs to her?
Come on, Sir!

That body you want her to show
Is a diamond dearer than the glow
Of the face of Marilyn Monroe!

Author Unknown, sent by Nasamat

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Worship My Lord

Author: by Na'ima B. Robert

I wake before dawn.
No muadhin calls me,
No footsteps stir me,
Instead society spurns me,
Labels me and burns me.
But everyday,
I wake before dawn.

I wear my hijab.
No father threatens me,
No religious police warn me,
Instead society judges me
Mocks me and shuns me.
But everyday,
I wear my hijab.

I rear my children.
No family pressures me,
No work barriers limit me,
Instead society shames me,
Names me and blames me.
But everyday,
I rear my children.

I follow the Sunnah.
No culture defines me,
No history holds me,
Instead, society scolds me,
Re-makes and moulds me.
But every day,
I follow the Sunnah.

I strive for Paradise.
No teachers indoctrinate me,
No worldly hardships sedate me,
Instead society rejects me,
Tempts me and affects me.
But every day,
I strive for Paradise.

I worship my Lord.
No imam compels me,
No rules force my heart,
Instead, society fears me,
And dares not come near me.
But every day,
I worship my Lord.

Every day,
In every way,
Through hardship and strife
And the all-consuming,
O so fleeting,
Bitter sweetness of life,
I worship my Lord.

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Friend or Enemy?

He wanted me to burn in hell,
He wanted me to be among those who fell,
He wished to lead me astray,
From my Lords mercy he tried to keep me away.
Was he my friend or enemy?

It was because of him I was deprived,
He had deceived so many,
He kept coming at me until I died,
I still didn’t realize amidst all the agony,
Was he my friend or enemy?

He whispered evil to me every day & every night,
He defeated me without me even putting up a fight,
I didn’t even try,
I thought I can just ignore him and let him pass by,
Was he my friend or enemy?

This is why I was drowned in sins,
All along he was sitting back and laughing at me,
Then death hit me, now I can see,
But it’s too late,
There’s no going back to change my fate.

His task had reached its end,
This was his plan all along,
He wasn’t my friend,
I understood it all wrong,
He was the Devil, my arch enemy!

Source: Sunni forum

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ask Him

Gather your hands together
And send your prayers away
Whisper your utmost love to Allah
And ask Him what you may...
Fill Him in your heart
And your eyes and your ears
And your mind, your soul
and your tears...
Source: The Deen